Susanna you set me up again
You got me cornered just like you always have
and most likely it has never crossed your mind

Susanna what was it you wanted?
What was it you wanted me to give?
Susanna what was it you thought I had?

Susanna did you really want me to be your friend?
Or did you want me to be something else?
Maybe something you never quite knew what was

Susanna I´m standing at the end of a continent
You’re letting me into your garden
But you are not holding my hand

Susanna how much travelin will I have to do?
Before we will be able to
see eye to eye on this

Clear water beneath us
Cool wind in our hair
Things are different here
I thought of you in that way today again
Our love´s messenger
Will she ever find us?

Susanna one word’s enough to make it shift
from one thing to another
Let´s be careful now and let silence do it´s work

Susanna after war there will be peace
There´s a time to wound and a time to heal
Susanna there´s a time to plant and a time to reap

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